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Dr. Dieter Götte (MD)

Dr. Eduard Huppertz (MD/MScME)

Dr. Elmar Stridde (MD)

Services in General

GHS-HealthCare.net aims to support your development strategy and market access activities as well as reimbursement aspects of your business.
Reimbursement aspects and approaches to overcome fourth hurdles have become more and more important all over Europe during the last years due to increasingly challenging regulations within the health care systems.
GHS-HealthCare.net offers you the following services:

  • Scientific and medical support throughout the entire live cycle of your product. This may include: review of existing documents and data, product development and medical affairs plans
  • Scientific and medical support for generating value dossiers, HTA reports, and reimbursement strategies
  • Planning and conducting of value adding scientific projects

GHS-HeathCare.net is strongly connected to multiple specific partners who are essential for the realization of your projects. Our experience and competence in drug development, health economics and medical affairs will support a successful positioning of your products.

Find details: Special Services

Find details: Special Services at http://www.ghs-healthcare.net/special.html